Yes this is the biggest web update for coolcatz ever.

I’ve put a lot of hard work into this so I hope it is awesome for everyone from veterans to new comers.

First I must start off with the new main cover website. I got many of complaints about how people couldn’t find one thing or another so I made our new site and I’m happy to show you!

Second as many have seen I reworked the forums layout. The new layout is to better organize where things on our forums are located. The old layout was fine for when we started. But we have grown, and the layout started to get cluttered and users were having difficulty going about. But that’s not the only thing that’s changing about the forums. We now have a new url to make things even easier for users 

Yes that’s right we have a url that is both shorter and totally fits us.

Another thing I worked on is the Donation/Admin websites

Donation system

For the Donation system I added a new payment type Stripe.

Stripe will help people who don't want to use paypal and such.

Also many small back end bug fixes because upgrade to

Admin system 

Update to

New Look to the UI.

Added Chat Command "!playtime" -- Can be used as "!playtime" for themselves or "!playtime playername" for someone else, playername can be a part of their name.

Added Chat Command "!request" -- Anyone can request an admin.

Also Online admins(Last 15 minutes) was added.

I Also updated the lua in the servers so please report any problems here:

Yea, For those who don't know we do have a facebook

Also on a small note both the websites , And Now Have Ads that I control, They are google Adsense Ads and I can assure you they are safe so if you could please disable Adblocker on these site it would help the community keep site like these up.

Many other things to little to list were also done but thanks for reading! Please post so I know if anyone read it all xD